“Nicci is a conscientious colleague who is very professional, dedicated and hard-working. Nicci is an intelligent and capable individual who has enabled The Salvation Army to begin online fundraising.”
- Sonny Pyon, Divisional Grant Writer, The Salvation Army

“Nicci has worked with me for the past 6+ years. Our related disciplines would cross paths either directly or indirectly on many occasions. Nicci always handles herself professionally, even when relaying Salvation Army policy that might preclude a more obvious solution. She has been (and continues to be) willing to help the Fundraising profession through various speaking engagements or through several professional memberships, such as AFP. Last, but not least, Nicci's enthusiasm provides the most impossible challenges with creative and effective solutions.”
- Art Stine, Planned Giving Director, The Salvation Army

“Nicci and I worked together to help The Salvation Army, a client of mine at The Richards Group, raise their awareness and donations in the online world. This was a weak point for The Army and one where they were moving fast to catch up. Nicci played an important role in helping them get up to speed. Nicci's knowledge and expertise were a huge asset to the team. That knowledge coupled with her passion to do things right (whether popular or not) made her a terrific partner. I am proud of the projects Nicci and I worked on together and believe that their success was a direct reflection of her hard work.”
- Patrick Wire, Principal Brand Management, The Richards Group

“Nicci is a passionate and focused individual who brings her all to every project. She was able to find success with a variety of initiatives while managing multiple stakeholders across the U.S. She provided critical leadership during challenging times in an effort to move The Salvation Army's fund-raising efforts into new territory. Nicci is a visionary leader, that uses challenges to find new ways to execute projects and deliver successful outcomes.”
- Jamey Shiels, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, The Salvation Army

“I've had the pleasure to work with Nicci in the past. She is a great team player, as well as leader. Under her guidance, I saw our online fundraising efforts increase and improve significantly.”
- Christopher McGown, Development Director, The Salvation Army